Using Luteolin Can Benefit Your Health

In this current age of information, it seems as if there is a new health product or super food being presented to us every other week, and sold to us as something beneficial and essential to our health. Many of us have followed suit and tried many of these products and food items, but have only discovered that a significant number of these claims have been largely overexaggerated. However, there are indeed many health products and foods that are as beneficial as some claim, and at times even more beneficial than initially thought. One of these foods called Luteolin is becoming better known for its health-balancing properties, as well as for addressing certain health conditions.

To be precise, luteolin is a food compound, not a complete food, and it can be found in a variety of different natural foods. Many things, from oranges and other citrus fruits, to carrots, broccoli, celery, peppers, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, and oregano, all contain varying amounts of luteolin. Another great source of luteolin is the peanut, where the compound can be taken from the hulls of the peanut. Because peanuts have so many uses and are in such significant commercial activities, discarded peanut hulls are very easy to come by, and now serve as a major source of the luteolin compound.

Luteolin has gained more notice in health circles because of its beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and abilities. Similar to other, better-known antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory ability of luteolin functions primarily at the cellular level. As an anti-inflammatory agent at the cellular level, luteolin can help bring balance and ease to muscles, joints, and nerves. Luteolin is also known to be an antihistamine, and can otherwise be used in various treatments for diabetes, respiratory disorders, and vision conditions.

More and more, luteolin is being used to help treat nervous system issues and conditions, along with treatments supporting brain function and memory. Being an anti-inflammatory agent at the cellular level, luteolin has been shown to be very beneficial in treating brain and neurological conditions that are caused or worsened by the inflammation of relative cells and nerves. In fact, for the many different conditions in the body that are caused or influenced by varying forms of inflammation, especially if cellular, the luteolin compound is increasingly being used for treatments.

As always, in order to learn more about luteolin and the ways that it could benefit your health and well-being, it is best to consult and converse with your physician. Whether you consume it by eating proper plant-based foods or take it in a more direct, concentrated form, you will likely see noticeable health benefits as you take more luteolin into your system.

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