Custom Concrete Designs for Your Home

Today, it is possible to alter plain, grey concrete and make it aesthetically pleasing through decorative concrete methods. There are many methods used to make decorative concrete. Acid stains, concrete dyes, acrylic stains and colors mixed into concrete before it is poured are coloring techniques used to make decorative concrete. If you want to change the surface texture of your concrete then you can use special treatments that can be applied to concrete such as scoring, stamping, chiseling, and polishing. It is also possible to integrate multiple techniques to your decorative concrete for a more customized concrete slab.

Transforming plain concrete into a decorative one for indoor applications can be done using a common technique called staining. This just involves a method of simply staining a cured concrete slab with a different color. If you want your concrete to have a rich color then you can use acid stain which is the most common of all. Acid reacts to concrete and produced something like a marbleized coloring like grainy leather. Staining your concrete with acid does not hide the defects of the concrete but rather emphasize it. A much uniform look is achieved if you use water-based or acrylic concrete stains than acid stains. They have a thin, milky consistency that allows them to seep into the pores of the concrete. This is not like paint that can flake off because they just coat the surface. These stains work like dye which does not react with concrete.

Another common technique of decorative concrete is stamped concrete. Stamping a pattern or texture into fresh laid concrete is done to achieve decorative concrete. It is important that new concrete is poured over the old concrete to achieve the desired result. You can also put an overlay mix applied to 3/8 inches thick. In overlaying, the concrete’s minor defects and stains are hidden. In order for concrete to hold an impression, it should be wet enough but also dry enough to not be mushy. The most difficult aspect of stamping is timing. Coloring stamped concrete can be done in different ways including integral colors, antiquing release colors, color hardeners, and tinted sealers.

To give new pours and existing pours a new look, you can score of chisel your concrete. Cutting a shallow cut into the concrete is the way concrete is scored. If you want to create an illusion of tile or stone to your concrete or if you want to draw a custom pattern or logo in it, then you can do it with these cuts. These cuts you make on the concrete are permanent cuts if they are not covered. If you want to accentuate your scored concrete, then you can combine it with colored of stained concrete.

A concrete slab that is polished does until a shiny finish is achieved is polished concrete. Wax or sealers are no longer needed in polished concrete. if you want extra color to polished concrete, you can stain it.

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