Concrete X-rays for Utility Location

Many people view the term X-ray to refer to the process done on human beings. This angle is the most familiar to most people the world over. The term is however also applicable in other fields in life. A good example is how X-rays are applicable to the construction industry. Applied in this form it refers to using the same method to find out what is inside concrete slabs. This application leads us to what is popularly referred to as concrete X-ray.

So, what does the term concrete X-rays refer to? Concrete X-rays refers to the application of gamma rays in concrete surfaces. Any foreign objects unwanted in the concrete surface are then identified. It is possible to find objects like cables and rebar using this method. By identifying and removing them one can establish firmness in the slab.

You can group concrete X-rays among many things that are within industrial radiography. The process of locating unwanted materials inside concrete walls and surfaces was very manual and tedious before discovery of concrete X-rays. This was costly because repairing damages after finding no fault was not only tiresome but expensive. You do not have to do that entire work if you are using concrete X-rays. Suspended slabs are the best for concrete X-rays.

The importance of concrete X-rays is more in recent times where many cables and other equipment pass through concrete walls. Cables for telecommunication and electricity connectivity can be found inside or near concrete walls. Also in this category are traffic lighting and cable television’s cables. By using concrete X-rays it is possible to locate such equipment and cables within walls without causing any damage. Utility location is the term used to refer to the process.

For safety precautions, utility location is done often in the United States. Case in point is the frequent application in Los Angeles. The case is the same for concrete surfaces in Irvine, California. Both private companies and government institutions have taken up concrete X-rays as a modern way of handling infrastructure issues.

The technology used in concrete X-rays is almost similar to the other X-rays applications. A beam of rays leads to casting of a shadow of the concrete on another platform. From the projection one can see any embedded objects within the concrete. The rays can penetrate hard surfaces of concrete but will be impeded by other objects inside hence making it possible to notice them. You require two people to efficiently take concrete X-rays. The two work from opposite sides of the concrete slab to ensure that nothing stands in between to cause a blurred image. If you apply concrete X-rays on a small surface then it can be expensive but for large scale work the cost goes down proportionately.

Understanding Location

Understanding Location