Here Are Effective And Affordable Sweet 16 Party Ideas

If your daughter turning 16? Most teenagers wants an extravagant party. However, parents want their daughters to have a more realistic sweet 16 party. Of course, as a parent we would like our daughter to have the best sweet party but not to the point that they need to spend their entire life savings. There are actually things that you can do to plan an affordable sweet 16 party. All you need to have is your creativity.

Below are affordable sweet 16 party ideas:

A. Set a budget

If you want to have an affordable birthday party. Planning is very effective especially if you have a tight budget. You should ask your daughter want she wants. You should ask your daughter the kind of food that she wants, the music and theme of the party. You also need to ask your daughter where she wants to have her birthday and who she wants to invite. You can choose an area in the options that were provided by your daughter where you spend more money or save more money. You list all of your expenses. It is very important that you involve your daughter when planning the birthday, so that she will really enjoy her birthday.

B. Take advantage of gadgets

Before birthdays should have a professional DJ to play sounds and a professional photographer to take pictures. Today, everyone has their own smartphones that have quality cameras and people can use these to take good pictures. You also do not need to hire a professional DJ, since you can just connect the phone to a speaker just ask your daughter to provide a playlist.

C. Customize the invitations

You do not need to make normal invitations, since you can send them in their email.
Electronic invitations are free. Another benefit of using an electronic invitation is that your daughter can make it according to her preferences. Your daughter can use different colors, designs and fonts styles. Custom invitations are very popular.

D. Be creative

It is very important that you are creative if you want to host the best sweet 16 birthday party and still save money. If you know how to bake, then you should bake the cake of your daughter. You should also make and serve mini cupcakes.

Trying making your own candy buffet table. Purchase assorted chocolate and candies. You can just put these candies and chocolate in different shaped jars with colorful ribbons.

You do not need to spend a huge amount of money to make party favors. You can make home made lip balms and more.

All of these tips that were mentioned above can help your plan and host the best and affordable sweet 16 party for your daughter.