Answering Questions over Wedding Sand Ceremonies and How the Tradition Works

Beaches have been sites that have been used for the ideal wedding ceremonies and if at all you are planning a wedding ceremony that has anything to do with the beach then know as well that the sand at the beach has a lot of significance when we look at the unity bonds that a couple will be creating. The Wedding Unity Sand ceremonies actually happen to be a sure way to express and capture the significance of the two lives of a couple that they will be bringing together and will create a sure keepsake that you will have as a couple that will last your lifetime. The lighting of candles has been rather the traditional way of expressing or symbolizing the aspect of the union that is there when two lives come together in marriage. In such cases, the two families, that of the bride and that of the groom would light each separate candles as a representation of their separate lives and families. What would follow then would be the lighting of one larger candle by the couple using the smaller candles that were lit by the parents which would be a symbol of the two families coming together.

With the use of the Wedding Sand ceremony, what is used to express the unity of the two lives and families is the use of glassware or vials filled with sand. The vials of sand often stand in the place of the two lives that are coming together in the matrimonial ties. After the exchange of the rings, what will then follow will be the officiating minister explain the meaning of the Unity Ceremony and then the couple will then come forth and pour their individual vials of sand together into one common glassware. The flowing of the different colored sand granules into one and forming one common beautiful mix of sand will truly get to symbolize the newly formed and intertwined union of the couple. You may be wondering what is it all to have to do with sand and not any other material for the ceremony and this is what we see next.

There are quite a number of attributes that come with sand that make it a perfect figure for love and unity. First of all, looking at the granules of sand are just so much timeless and in their numbers and as such represent perfectly the couples love, one for another. The other fact is that the couple will be coming together in a permanence of vows of love that will lead to their separate lives mixing in manner that they get to lose their former identities and as you look at the two jars of sand coming together and mixing such as to make the different granules lose their identity and come one, you see the perfection of the demonstrating the lasting of their love and ties as a couple.

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