Caring for Beauty and Hair Staying Healthy With Dregs Of Black Tea

Drink tea has been known for drinks that have low levels of caffeine, tea also has many benefits that are beneficial to health and beauty. Not only fresh tea has benefits for health and beauty, but if we re-examine, stale tea also still has other benefits than the actual benefits. However, the stale tea should be left for 1 night for use, not the tea that has been left for days. Stale tea is not recommended for consumption, as it is only allowed for use only. Tea bundles that can be used as an alternative facial and hair care will actually help you to make life patterns more efficient and natural.

Brighten skin

Your facial skin wants to look bright? You do not have to have to buy a skin lightening cream at an expensive price. You can brighten the skin with the dregs of the black tea. Stale tea contains vitamin E which is very good for skin health and beauty. In addition, stale tea also contains 500 times more vitamins compared to lemon. How to use it is by rubbing the stale tea on the skin evenly. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse with water …