Essential Female Companion Etiquette for Newbies

Men usually choose to spend time with female companion for reasons other than the obvious.

A man may still be married to his wife mainly for the children’s sake. Or he may be looking for support after a failed serious relationship. The possible scenarios are endless.

No matter your reasons for wanting to date a female companion, you have to know some basic female companion etiquette, especially if you’re a first-timer.

1. Make a positive first impression.
Nowadays, hiring a female companion is easier than ever. Your first contact will probably be online, and depending on the way you approach a female companion provider, you may or may not receive a response.

To increase your chances of a date, keep your message nice and decent as you describe how you plan the date to go. This is definitely a time to put your man pants on. Introduce yourself, mention how long you plan to be with her, and ask politely if she can make time for you.

Quit the “I’m paying for this so I can do everything I want” attitude because it will never get you a date – a quality one, at least. Note that there are many interested men out there, so you have to compete a little.

2. Don’t ask any personal questions.

You don’t date a female companion hoping she can be your girlfriend or a future life partner. Never ask personal questions or you will only make the experience awkward for you both (she might even just take her fee and walk out on you). This is surely not the kind of date that you would take personally.

3. Answer her questions.

If this is your first time to consider dating a female companion, this may seem like a double-standard. Don’t worry, she just needs to know you enough to trust you, and it’s all SOP. She’ll probably ask for female companion references, but as a newbie, she’ll probably want to hear about your family, your work or business, etc. Sometimes, the questions will keep coming until she’s confident that you’re harmless. Can anyone blame her? No!

In the end, dating a female companion can be a lot like hiring a any professional, such as a web designer or an HVAC technician. Regardless of the service, you may just get a better outcome if you treat them well. If you do treat a female companion right, she’ll probably return the favor by treating you as an important customer, and just maybe, you can even turn into friends. She’ll look forward to seeing you again, the same way other professionals like to see their good customers come around.

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