Top Factors That Has Led To The Rapid Growth Of African Fashion

The traditional African clothes that most Africans do wear is what is termed as the African fashion. Due to colonization, the African designers employed the western ideas to make the fashion more classy and smart. This is just a small part of the history of the development of African fashion.

A rapid growth has been experienced in the industry of African fashion recently. This has been so good the African economy since for the first time, African economy as developed from the fashion industry. This is a big change since for the last few years, the African economy has been so dependent on the manufacturing sector for its success.

This has raised questions why this industry is growing too rapidly. The reason, why I wrote this article, is to give out the reasons that have influenced its growth.
The first reason why African fashion has grown so rapidly is that the media helped in the display of the best African designs. This in return attracted the attention of people into the fashion globally. More celebrities and rich people around the world showed great interest in the African fashion. This in return has made the industry so popular hence more customers have been created and this has led to its growth.

The high population has made the African fashion industry grow more rapidly. The high population create a big market for the African fashion hence more sales are made. Also the high population of the African youths that has a great interest in the African fashion is very high. This makes things easier for African fashion designers as they have a lot of customers. Also designers have been more creative attracting more youths to the fashion.

The rapid population growth of the middle class in the US has also had a big influence on the African fashion. This is because the people with the disposable income are the Main target of the African fashion. Most people in Us used to focus on the basic needs than anything else in a few years ago. Lack of funds and poverty made the industry stagnant.

Also, the fast movement of this industry helps it to develop rapidly. Since the African economy does not include the African continent, fewer people o come as investors in Africa. It reactions help in the mix of ideas hence the designs that are made do have other different cultures. This has resulted to unique an smart designs of African fashion that do have different distinct colors. This has made the African fashion industry to grow rapidly.

These are the top factors that have greatly led to growth of the African fashion economy. Some best African fashion are the Ankara and the kente. Church African fashion and even official African fashion are some designs that designers make.