Aftershaves and Their Different Uses

An aftershave is sold in lotion or gel form. It is mainly used by men to thwart infect infections that could start from skin cuts right after shaving. Aftershaves contain antiseptic ingredients – alcohol, for instance – which provide antiseptic abilities. But though this may be sufficient to make aftershaves a must for all shavers, modern products are now made with many other “features” aside disinfection.

First, if you shop around, you’ll find that modern aftershaves now contain some kind of perfume. It doesn’t even matter if the product is expensive or cheap – almost always, it is infused with perfume to enhance the scent. In fact, when people go shopping for aftershaves, the perfume is often one of them most important things they consider. It now seems to be so important that a lot of these products now have names of famous fashion designers on them in the likes of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, etc.

Besides perfume, moisturizers are also found in aftershaves of this generation. As you probably know, moisturizers have a softening effect on freshly shaved skin, a benefit all shavers are looking for. It’s clear that these products are no longer restricted to their original purpose.

Additionally, one of the things about aftershaves that makes them stand out is the packaging. Of course, packaging on its own will not effect your skin in any way. But somehow, when you like how your aftershave looks or feels, you tend to use it regularly instead of just leaving it in a corner of your dresser (this happens to many shavers).

In any case, an aftershave can come in handy for different people for different reasons. Some just want to smell great, while others are after the product’s antiseptic protection. Whatever your reason or reasons for using an aftershave, make sure you get the product that is right for you. A little homework will get you far. Study your skin and know what options you have.

Finally, there’s the question of whether aftershave is for all shavers. So are they right for all people? Basically, anyone who has sensitivity issues or is allergic to witch hazel or any other ingredients in the product, should not use aftershave. Also, if your skin is prone to breakouts, avoid using any harsh products or those that can clog your pores. A cooling gel cream that moisturizes and soothes freshly shaved skin is a good alternative. Again, just a little research can help you determine which type and brand will work best for you, depending on your skin type. Read product reviews, but skip biased marketing websites and just stick to independent consumer websites, where reviews are objective and credible.

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