Summer Nails

Summer is the time when we can be out there with our fashion and make up ideas. We can go bright, bold, loud and daring with all the colours of the rainbow splashed across our outfit. The same goes for our nails and we have put together some perfect nail inspiration for your bold summer self!

The Point

Its bold and very, very out there. But if your feeling daring and sexy why don’t you try the pointed nail, you can make them extra long or keep them short and simple either way the pointed nail is still a hit.

The Gloss Effect

Nail ENVY! These nails will definitely leave you with the best nails of the summer. They are so pretty but yet so edgy and we love them. You need all the wright materials and are probably better off getting them done by a professional – go on spoil yourself this season.

The Fade

This super stunning nail is so simple to do with either nail varnish or a gellish. After your base coat and your main chosen colour simply paint a small sponge with a different colour and dab over the nail. Finish with a top coat.

The Bright

Who doesn’t love a bright nail in the summer sunshine. Bright colours can be complimentary to any skin tone and look gorgeous on a short or long nail.

The Marble Effect

The Marble nail is definitely a favourite this summer and its not as hard to do as you would think. Apply your clear base coat, once dry, with a cotton bud apply some Vaseline around the nail. Fill a small bowl of room temperature water and have your white and black nail varnish at the ready. Drop a small drop of white nail polish into the centre of water and then quickly do the same with the black in the centre of the white nail varnish. Repeat this step again twice and watch as the nail varnish disperses across the surface to form a thin film. Take a cocktail stick and drag it gently through the colours to create that marble affect. Place one finger nail first into the bowl remove and wipe away any excess varnish with a cotton bud. Repeat and once dry apply your top coat. Simples.

The White Nail

Perfect for a summer holiday against your gorgeously tanned skin all white nails are a dead certain this summer. Add a little bit of something else with some glitter to give it that extra dazzle in the sunshine. Accessorise any of these looks with chunky bangles and some stylish wristwear from Kate Spade watches for a look that is bang on trend this season.