There are many organizations in the healthcare field that require their employees to wear scrubs to work. This is something that many people love, because scrubs are very comfortable, especially if they have to be on their feet all day or moving from one patient’s room to the next. There are many companies that manufacture scrubs, and one to consider is WonderWink. Learn more by visiting their website, and view here the different options, styles, colors, and patterns the scrubs come in. Also, learn more about what sets them apart from other brands of scrubs on the market.

A Closer Look At The Scrubs

WonderWink scrubs are made up of a blend of polyester and cotton. This provides the scrubs with ultimate softness, the ability to stretch, and wrinkle resistance. They also will not shrink after each washing. There are many different styles to choose from. For instance, there are eight different tops to choose from and five bottoms. Each one comes in over 40 different colors, patterns, and prints. They also have hidden pockets, bungee cords, and accessory loops to make them very functional for the professional on the move, as well as fashionable The starting price is $11.98 for the tops and $13.98 for the bottoms.

Because Of The Different Options, Anyone Can Find Scrubs They Like

This brand of scrubs is made for men, women, including those that are pregnant. Women who are pregnant need clothing that fits comfortably and will expand with them as their belly does. Fortunately, these scrubs provide that without having to sacrifice their sense of fashion. Because they come in a variety of options, there are many people that prefer to purchase scrubs whether or not they work in the healthcare field. Because of this, they also make tee shirts (both short and long sleeves), tank tops, and camisoles.

Healthcare professionals, especially ones that have direct contact with patients, require uniforms that are comfortable and functional. WonderWink scrubs fit the bill without them having to sacrifice their sense of fashion. There are other accessories available for purchase that will give a very cohesive and complete look. Check out the website for further details.